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Leominster MA

Quality Control Post Production

Providing customer satisfaction through in process testing and Postproduction Finished Goods / Complaint AQL Inspections & Reworks. QCPP tracks trends and drives continuous improvement activities to reduce scrap and to ensure the quality of all production meets United’s quality standards while emphasizing safety and abiding by United Solutions policies and procedures.


Reporting to the Quality Manager

  • Work Safely and must not perform unsafe acts that could result in injury.
  • Cover daily production quality audits and in process testing.
  • Must be able to Track, Trend, & Report on Non-Conformance from inspections.
  • Train Material group and QC on Color Meter setting and troubleshoot color issues and prevent over usage.
  • Inspect finished goods as final audit after production to ensure the meet quality specs and packed correctly.
  • Coordinate and Perform Sample Request, Rework, Repack, AQL inspections, Post-Production Inspections, & Trials
  • Work with other QC, QA, QE, & QM to help train and drive continuous improvement based on AQL findings.
  • Create Production packets, set up sheets, special instructions, No Go’s, Packaging Diagrams, work instructions & training documents.
  • Make proper revisional changes to documents as needed.
  • Provide Quality Team and Inspector/Packers with the most up to date Standards and are Properly Trained & Re-Trained.
  • 5S Audits, Support Safety Program,
  • Trend Quality Non-Conformances and Product Containment
  • Work collaboratively with Cross-Functional Teams to ensure quality and standards are being met
  • Provide Director of Quality with support of any additional assigned tasks / duties
  • Participate with Continuous Improvement projects
  • Ensure Melt Log is being completed and updated on S drive.
  • Scan and save the color calibration change forms.
  • Uphold the United Solutions Code of Conduct standards


  • This position requires candidates to be computer literate
  • Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel programs & email software
  • Must have an incredible attention to detail
  • 5S, Lean, Six Sigma, PDCA, CAPA, MRB experience preferred
  • Ability to read, understand, and communicate work order requirements.
  • Completed no less than 3 years of Quality duties or equivalent experience
  • Ability to create and execute on SMART goals
  • Strong ethics and ability to get things done efficiently and effectively.
  • Respectful to all and abide by United Solutions Code of Conduct


  • Must be able to stand and walk for 60% of a scheduled shift
  • Must be able to walk, with or without an additional weight load
  • Must be able to lift and /or carry 40 lbs. to shoulder height and pull palletized plastic parts with a manual pneumatic jack, on a regular basis.

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