For The Way We Serve

Social Responsibility

Our belief in corporate and personal social responsibility is an integral part of our culture. We’re continually striving to keep our workplaces safe, limit the environmental impact of our products and operations, and foster an inclusive environment where everyone is empowered to contribute, make an impact, and work with our community. We are proud to serve our community in a variety of ways and are always open to expanding our outreach.

Health Alliance - United Solutions Community Outreach

Our Donations

Waltham Fire Department
Waltham, MA

Fitchburg Fire Department and EMS
Fitchburg, MA

Leominster Fire Department and
Emergency Response Team

Leominster, MA

Clinton Hospital/HealthAlliance
Clinton, MA

Hopkinton Fire Department
Hopkinton, MA

Student Internships

Which local colleges are you working with?

In Massachusetts, we have relationships with University of Massachusetts Lowell, Becker College, and several local technical colleges and vocational-technical high schools. In Mississippi, we work with Northwest Community Technical College and the Mississippi Polymer Institute. More collegiate networking will continue throughout 2020 and beyond.

How many interns do you generally have on staff?

By the end of 2020, we estimate having 6-10 interns working through each of our two facilities. We also anticipate hiring alumni from some of our partner schools as placements upon graduation.

Community Engagement

How would you describe your relationship with the local government and community?

United Solutions has always worked directly with the Leominster municipal government and the neighborhood community. We strive to professionally and personally address relationships between local residents and our manufacturing staff and are always open to meeting with anyone to build and maintain these critical relationships.

What other local community efforts are you involved with?

We are honored to help support a local food pantry and thrift shop that makes an impact on our local families on a daily basis.

Fitchburg Fire
Lt. Richard L.
Emergency Management Director, Fitchburg, MA
We wish to sincerely thank United Solutions for their most generous donation of containers. The containers are extremely durable and tightly sealed, protecting PPE from damage or moisture. My firefighters are able to respond to the many calls in our community with the knowledge that their equipment is safely protected, allowing them to be more effective and efficient in these most unsettled times. Thank you for being a part of our team as we assist the residents of Fitchburg.”