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United Solutions is a leading manufacturer of storage and organization totes, outdoor trash and recycling bins, and paint and work buckets that meet consumer and industrial needs. We are a licensed manufacturer for Rubbermaid® Roughneck® totes, Cleverstore™ Clears and ActionPacker® storage boxes.

We are proudly celebrating over 100 years as a community-based, made-in-the-USA business providing quality products.

Storage & Organization

Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® Storage Boxes

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  • Impact-resistant material withstands harsh temperature changes from 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Double-walled lid fits tightly to protect contents
  • Grooved surface repels water for long-term outdoor use
  • Add bungee cord and tamper-resistant lock (not included) for extra security
  • Designed to be used and reused over and over again
  • Engineered for life and backed by a lifetime warranty
Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® 8-Gallon Storage Box
ActionPacker® 8-Gallon

Car care supplies; roadside emergency kit; garden tools; and more

Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® 24-Gallon Storage Box
ActionPacker® 24-Gallon

Camping gear; construction tools; truck cargo; and more

Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® 35-Gallon Storage Box
ActionPacker® 35-Gallon

Truck cargo; outdoor gear; bulky valuables; and more

Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® 48-Gallon Storage Box
ActionPacker® 48-Gallon

Tents and other outdoor adventure gear; bulky cargo; construction equipment; and more

Rubbermaid® Roughneck™ Totes

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  • Impact-resistant material withstands harsh temperature changes from 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stackable without cracking or buckling
  • Stay-tight lid that protects from moisture and pests in any environment
  • Easy-carry handles for heavy loads
  • Designed to be used and reused over and over again
  • Perfect for closet, bedroom, laundry room, attic, garage, and more
  • Built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty
Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 3-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 3-Gallon

Belts, scarves, and accessories; small electronics; office supplies; small toys; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 10-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 10-Gallon

Larger accessories; small tools; craft supplies; small sports gear; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 14-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 14-Gallon

Small tools; office supplies; car and bike accessories; sports gear; clothing; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 18-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 18-Gallon

Games and toys; clothing and shoes; tools or sports equipment; blankets; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 25-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 25-Gallon

Holiday décor; sports equipment; camping supplies; garden tools; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 31-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 31-Gallon

Winter coats and gear; heavy tools; outdoor equipment; bulky blankets; and more

Rubbermaid<sup>®</sup> Roughneck™ 50-Gallon Storage Box
Roughneck™ 50-Gallon

Bulky décor; large tools or sports equipment; camping supplies; and more

Cleverstore™ Clear Storage Boxes

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  • Easy-to-view straight wall design maximizes shelf space
  • Latching lid closes securely to keep contents dry and dust-free
  • Recessed lid construction ensures stable and secure stacking for efficient space utilization
Cleverstore™ 16-Quart Clear Storage Box
Cleverstore™ 16-Quart

Craft supplies; small accessories; hats and gloves; and more

Cleverstore™ 30-Quart Clear Storage Box
Cleverstore™ 30-Quart

Cleaning supplies; shoes; small toys; electronics accessories; and more

Cleverstore™ 41-Quart Clear Storage Box
Cleverstore™ 41-Quart

Underbed storage; linens; holiday décor; clothing; and more

Cleverstore™ 71-Quart Clear Storage Box
Cleverstore™ 71-Quart

Toys and games; sports equipment; pet supplies; blankets; and more

Cleverstore™ 95-Quart Clear Storage Box
Cleverstore™ 95-Quart

Pantry storage; camping gear; bulky décor; coats and jackets; and more