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Leominster MA

CDL Driver

Coordinate, with Shipping/Warehouse Manager, to safely and efficiently move loaded and empty trailers to / and from the satellite warehouse(s).  


Reporting to the Production department you will:  

  • Take a proactive role in the maintenance and upkeep of the company leased and owned tractors and trailers. Check tractors before each shift and monitor fuel levels.   
  • Immediately report any issues with equipment, any unsafe conditions, or actions of other employees, to the Shipping/Warehouse Manger   
  • Move designated trailers from production facility to satellite warehouses – Return empty trailers to production facility. Spot and pull customer dropped trailers for loading.  
  • Fill out Daily Trailer Move Logs  
  • Close all trailer doors when moving and chock tires when all trailers are dropped. –No exceptions. Report damaged doors and missing chock blocks to the S/W Manager or Distribution Manager    
  • Maintain the Drop Trailer Yard, at the production facility and satellite warehouse, in an orderly fashion. Perform daily trailer inventories and report any trailers, which appear to be out of place or unrecognized.  
  • Follow all instructions and directions from Shipping/Warehouse Manager or their assigned designee.   Work with S/W manager to constantly update the white board, located in the Traffic area at the production facility   
  • When required, load & unload FG and WIP production and place in product neatly and safely in prescribed locations. Use United tally sheets to document all SKUs unloaded and /or received.   
  • Other Duties as assigned by the Shift Supervisor (or designee). 


To meet the basic qualification for this role you must meet the following:  

  • Must have and maintain a current CDL, Class A, driver’s license and pass the annual DOT physical exam. 
  • Must have basic math and reading skills 
  • Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing. 
  • Must be able to walk, climb and sit continuously throughout the shift.    
  • Must be able to lift 35 lbs. on a regular basis. 
  • Must be able to wear necessary PPE – Sight and hearing protection   


It is expected that company policies and procedures will always be followed.  The Shipping/Warehouse Manager, or designee, will be the first point of contact if any questions or issues arise.    

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