ECOSolution™ is made with recycled material that is 100 percent recyclable, and is a proprietary line of storage solutions designed to handle heavy loads.

ECOSolution™ Utility Buckets

Our 5-Gallon EcoSolution bucket is molded with recycled material and features a comfort grip handle that makes it ideal for getting jobs done around the house – inside and outside, or for storing items in your garage, basement and giving you an Eco-friendly peace of mind.

ECOSolution™ Wheeled Trashcans

Designed and produced in multiple sizes for versatility, our EcoSolution Wheeled Trash cans are the ideal solution for your household waste or recycling. Engineered with a reinforced handle, durable wheels and a lid that can open to and stay at a 45-degree angle.
ECOSolution™ Non-Wheeled Trashcans
Non-wheeled ECOSolution trash cans are available in sizes that help you manage your waste and recycling securely until picked up. The lid clicks securely closed when not in use and is designed with a tether-hold feature so that it won’t get lost when removed.