Mighty Tuff
Mighty Tuff™ offers a versatile line of durable, high-quality garden, pet and storage products at an affordable price.

Mighty Tuff™ Hose Storage Pot

Designed to enhance any decor.  This beautiful and functional hose storage pot will keep your garden hose neat while not in use and within easy reach when needed.

Mighty Tuff™ Rain Barrel

Mighty Tuff Rain Barrel offers a cutting-edge solution for eco-friendly water collection.  Collect rainwater from gutters reducing water bills and supporting the environment.


Mighty Tuff™ Caddy

Designed with motion in mind, Mighty Tuff Caddy is designed with a comfort grip handle and large spacious storage areas, making tasks such as gardening, car washing, and cleaning easier so you no longer have to juggle the items needed to complete the job at hand.
Mighty Tuff™ Stacking Bins
Produced to address functional storage for bulky items that require quick access and open vertical storage. Mighty Tuff™ storage bins are designed in a variety of sizes and options to fit your needs from heavy duty to general household storage needs.

Mighty Tuff™ Storage Boxes

Mighty Tuff storage boxes assist you in numerous outdoor storage needs, from ensuring security for larger package deliveries from Amazon, USPS and more, to a protective means of storing patio cushions and outdoor entertainment supplies when not in use.

Mighty Tuff™ Pet Food Storage
Mighty Tuff Pet food storage are engineered with your pet in mind. Molded with impact-resistant material that ensures long-term durability with a specially designed lid that twists on and off for quick and easy access. Great for storing pet food, treats, litter and more.