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United Solutions is the exclusive manufacturer of Rubbermaid ActionPacker®, Roughneck™, Cleverstore™ Clears and EcoSense® totes, the most trusted brands in household storage and organization.
Rubbermaid® ActionPacker®
Rubbermaid® ActionPacker® totes are built for indoor and outdoor use. Designed with a unique double-walled, ribbed lid to wick water away, the Action Packer is molded with impact resistant materials and an option to secure your items with a lock! ActionPackers carry a lifetime warranty — for a lifetime of adventures.
Rubbermaid® Roughneck™
One of our most popular and well-known totes, Rubbermaid® Roughneck™ storage helps organize any space, from garages and attics to closets and basements. Built to be virtually indestructible, Roughneck totes carry a lifetime warranty — for a lifetime of use.
Rubbermaid® Cleverstore™ Clears
Designed to easily access and identify items, Cleverstore™ Clears make it simple to organize and store frequently used items such as toys, art supplies, clothing or more. Available in multiple sizes that work as standalone or as a family when stacked.
Rubbermaid® ECOSense®
Innovation-infused EcoSense totes are made of 90 percent recycled material that is 100 percent recyclable. They come with the same built-to-last promise of the Rubbermaid brand – reflecting our commitment to developing unique solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

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